Collaboratively planting Christ-centered churches in great cities of the world.

what we do


Collaborative Church Plants

We help churches work together to launch new churches.  In post-Christian contexts we also help to revitalize existing or declining churches.

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Church Planting Grants

In certain cases we provide church planting grants.  Our granting focuses upon biblically qualified, indigenous leaders who have proven character and experience as well as a strong sense of calling to plant in a city.  All planters are assessed and approved by local indigenous leadership within their region. 



Catalytic events

We look for other leaders who are interested in planting healthy, Christ-centered churches in cities in a variety of contexts.  Email us for information about how to connect with leaders from your region.


Coaching and City Cadres

We establish city chapters and cadres that encourage pastors and church planters.  If you want to help start a chapter or cadre in your city, let us know.

We also establish city-to-city coaching relationships to help pastors and church planters focus on doing the basics of ministry with excellence. 



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